Sunday, October 4, 2009

no beer @oktoberfest :o(


unbelievable! you go to the prolly biggest beer drinking event in the whole freaking world and you cannot get a beer there? well, it was a sunny saturday evening and soooooo many earthlings out there, but anyway, shame on you, munich, shame on you!

well, i've got visitors from bratislava/slovakia yesterday, you know? my old school mate + his girlfriend, so what to do? ok, let's go 2 oktoberfest in a small group of 3 crazy folks. do you think we got a table in one of the huge beer tents (approx. 10,000 folks) or in one of their sunny open air beer gardens or any damned place in any damned tent there? wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again, we didn't :-(. well, after a while, in the darkest corner we've found a beer bar where we could get tons of weissbier, the only handicap was we had to stand there or sit on the floor outside as many others did :)

well, then we've left the area and here we go: in the 1st nearby pub (prolly also in all nearby pubs i think) there was the oktoberfest spirit caught and bundled inside! yes, we got a place at the oktoberfest-style table, saw all that folksy dressed bavarians and even tourists, got more than enough beer in the famous 1L steins ... btw, did u know that all that steins are produced in austria? shame on you, munich, shame on you again! anything else? yep, we have met 3 funny u.s. guys from colorado, talked a lot, watched pictures, drunk a lot of beer and sweet jägermeister liquor all together (alcohol alarm! do not try that combination :). well, at the next table there was a happy drunken couple going to perform a live sex show or the like ... we didn't wait till they actually started, she wasn't pretty anyway ... and we still wanted to go back to the beer tents :o). on the way, we climbed up all that stupid steps of st. paul's church tower and had a beautiful perspective from its panoramic platform high over munich's roofs out there ... well, than we have decided to move to the city centre and ate some turkish food + drink some more beer on the way. of course, i couldn't make any reasonable picture of the old city hall after that, you know :-)

ps: got all that authentic pictures? hell, that was a hard job to choose + censore + upload them! ENJOY :-)
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