Saturday, November 28, 2009

what is worse than stock market crash? shopping with children!

oh, my dear! i just wanted to look what types of 13" notebooks are currently in the shop shelves and as we were with wife + children out for lunch in a nearby bavarian restaurant, my daughters came with me ...

well, we got 2 dvd games, 1 camera, 1 flight to new york (sony promotion gift), 5 years extra guarantee on some stupid thing, camera storage chip, car wash, ... of course i've got NO NOTEBOOK and much worse, both children 'need' (new) notebooks as well ... hell, they just want to, isn't it? ... at least there is still useful as a potential xmas gift left ...

thx goodness, my wife was not with us because she went to the city center ('down town'?) instead ... i tell you, 2 small sweet devils are more then enough for a chap like me ... well, let's hope my wife didn't spent a fortune as well

i just wanna the yesterday's financial markets CRASH (stocks, gold+silver intraday, commodities, €uro, ...) INSTEAD of all these crazy wife + children expenses ... why? it just cost a one-time-tuition-fee of 1,010.93 EUR and nothing more!!!

is there still any hope for me out there? or at least one really hot place in hell otherwise? LOL
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