Saturday, May 1, 2010


burning the witch

folks, what a dilemma 2day! there are 5 topics i would like 2 write about, but cant choose the most interesting one :-(. well, lets make a list 1st and decide later, ok?
  • nevado resources ~ company presentation from the well known category investor lunch/dinner ~ the company's name is nevado venture as 4 now, but its gonna 2 change as they explore two properties in queebec, canda for iron ore and for gold respectively ~ very, very early stage projects, but it sounds like an easy going buy & hold for few years investement .... the stock was more than 20% up the next day (road show bonus?), so i didnt buy my initial position yet and hope there will be some better price soon ... when 2 sell? IMO its wise 2 sell when the projects advance a little bit and thus the company will prolly be taken over by a major gold & iron ore producer :-)
  • queen revival band ~ concert in circus krone, munich ~ an evening from the category 'do my wife likes 2 do' and do not complain too loud abt missed evening on the internet :-) 
  • munich re ~ AGM ~ new company name (münchner rück was the old one), profit despite hard economic conditions out there, higher dividend than last year, great food, ... still remember last year's event? no? dont worry, its still there ...
  • walpurgis night ~ old european tradition! burning the witches + dance in the may ~ well, met some  old friends again + thought abt the next year's witch. is there any we could sacrifice? hmmmm, lets think abt that a little bit longer :-). motto of the evening? dont drink and fly :-)
  • demo for peace, work, social fairness ~ may, 1st ~ many, many folks at the old city hall square; some prominent speakers like the munich's current mayor christian ude; workers unions; cheap beer + mojito + cuba libre; some former colleagues; some folks from the demo against war+security conferencemuch more :-)
what abt these 2 witches? we dont gonna burn them  .... this year :-)

you know what? im not going 2 write anything, will prolly post a link 2 some pictures later/2morrow instead ...

life is good 

addendum: few censored pictures uploaded HERE + enjoy :-)

last but not least, michael's all-in-one message ~ we want peace! no war, no nuclear energy, no taxpayers' money 4 banks, no additional mobile radiation ... GREAT!
addendum 05/05/2010:
folks, just 2 or 3 weak days on the global stock markets and nevado's share price is down again => bought few shares 2day (~my initial position, lets watch company's developments a little bit closer now) => thx, mr. market, thx  
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