Saturday, May 22, 2010

BMW + wacker = cars + base chemistry?

bmw's electric car 4 the summer olympics 1972

what have cars + base chemistry in common? not much, you think? well, both of them are majoritarian private owned companies (bmw by the quandt family, wacker by the wacker family) even if my employer BMW behaves as a management owned company (~ IMO we have self service mentality for mngmt and all higher employees ranks (i.e. few thousands of employees!), unfortunately not me :-() ...

the common part of these 2 AGMs? its the ultimate signal/sign that my this year's AGM season is over :-(

well, bmw didnt did well last year, but managed to produce a very small profit, so it could be worse in the very hard year 2009, isnt it? of course, they reduced the most salaries by at least 10% i think (my salary as well) to meet the reduced demand for cars. if you asked me, bmw is still wasting soooo much money on its higher ranks + consultants instead of motivate all its employees through achievement-oriented compensation (at ALL hierarchy stages, of course!) ... i believe, that should also mean they have to downgrade the salaries of folks who are working at positions far below their current salary groups ... for the sake of fairness :-)

what abt wacker, the € 4 billion chemical stuff producer (esp. silicones)? well, i think their earnings were just 15% below the former record marks last year ... i liked the conservative + familiar athmosphere there and the real (~not just spoken) sustainable growth + prosperity orientation :)

there was 1 more thing both companies have in common! the very, very strong financial results in Q1/2010 => lets hope for a better year 2010 even if  i dont think the last years 'financial crisis' is over ...

few pictures, lets start with bmw and lets hope my youngest daughter will help me 2 download the wacker pics from my mobile phone later/tomorrow (via bluethooth + her computer)

rolls royce, bmw, mini

me, test sitting in RR

factory, main administration building, museum

what a color! ... again an 'olympic' 1972 model ... munich applies 4 the next winter olympics, u know?

what a colors out there! me, looking outside of my office room instead of programming ... lol

what abt the last year's events? its easy, just follow these links: wacker + bmw.

addendum 05/24/2010: WHos bigger and better? Audi (VW) or BMW?
well, at the moment seems audi to have much more success (esp. in terms of $$), in 2010 could bmw catch up a little bit as there are new models on the market (x1, 5, ...) and the fuel efficiency of the bmw fleet is better than its competitor's, but in the middle term will IMHO decide which brand will be able 2 produce environmentaly friendly cars (electric cars with battery/hydrogen power?) and as far as i know the former SAP director shai agassi in israel (in co-operation with renault) is going to win that race :-)
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