Sunday, May 30, 2010

too PIG to fail

too big to fail?
too big to bail?
too big to jail?
too pig to fail?

all of that? friends, you decide what you accept, it is as easy as that and so sad ;-( ... thus my dears: #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyYourStreet #OccupyTogether :-)

(source: ive found it in JESSE'S CAFÉ AMÉRICAIN, the source of origin (the miami herald) is visible on the picture itself)

what about too big to jail? lol

too pig 2 fail as well, isnt it?

folks, just in case u havent noticed yet, its GOLD, not GLD or the like :o)


Ailame said...

too sad to be funny..
well, we leave in Financial Democracy

jaro gruber said...

well, its so true :-(

... and our 'taxpayers' money makes the big pig even bigger :-)

jaro gruber said...

best facebook comment?

...poor pig...

of course, just look at these politicians!!!