Wednesday, May 5, 2010

speaking in front of thousands of folks @AGM of allianz + attended AGM of linde

OMG! ive been speaking in front of thousands of folks @AGM of allianz 2day ... hell, i was not as nervous at the beginning of my speach as i thought i would be ... its strange + unbelievable, isnt it?

btw, the guy on the picture speaking out there is not me, of course ... its the very, very rational CEO michael diekmann (source:

what abt my topics?
  • ive appreciated the great financial result (esp. the much higher dividend, LOL) despite the soooo difficult year 2009 (~the year of the well known financial crisis, u know?)
  • pros & cons of share buy-back programs
  • possible defaults of governments, government bonds + physical GOLD & SILVER as the ultimate no-default-currencies chosen by free markets over thousands of years of human civilization => i'm not going 2 change my attitude any time soon, u see?
  • ive asked the AGM leader (=Chairman of the Supervisory Board Dr. Henning Schulte-Noelle) to stop speakers who asked stupid questions abt topics which are not on the agenda + not related 2 allianz + not related 2 economy (e.g. gender balance, iran, legal disputes concerning former allianz's subsidiaries) in order not 2 waste all other people's time (e.g. my time :-)
  • a little bit more...
what abt the directors' answers? well, they are concerned abt the debt orgy out there and prolly even worried abt the possible defaults of governments, thus they are much less invested in government bonds than their competitors... why does allianz not invest in physical gold + silver? well, the 1st reason is the not existent interest yield, the 2nd explained reason is IMHO even more suspect: they are not allowed to! well, the german financial supervisory authority BaFin does not allow insurance companies like allianz 2 protect themselves and their customers with gold investments currently ... of course, who would buy government bonds otherwise?

good luck, my dear allianz group, good luck!

AGM @ linde group (may 4th, 2010)

well, there is everything fine @ linde, one of the leading suppliers of industrial gases + gas business technology, i think ;o). high profit + high dividend + lower debt + great Q1/2010 results + soooo optimistic outlook for remaining 3 quarters of 2010 that the great CEO wolfgang reitzle (~former 'just few weeks' CEO @BMW) expects even higher earnings + profits in 2010 than in the record year 2008 ...

the most interesting topic? well, the still very car industry affine reitzle answering a question abt electric cars told that the hydrogen car is not dead! he explained that there are 2 kinds of an electric car: the one with battery drive (~the current hype in the main stream media) and the hydrogen driven electric car => therefore the 'green' developments in the car industry support both technologies ... of course, linde is going to sell the hydrogen needed :o)

treasures of the kitchen ...

good luck, my dear linde group as well :-)
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