Sunday, July 18, 2010

ohhhh :-(

folks, my computer died i think :( ... its not just a windows issue ... well, lets try 2 buy a motherboard + processor at ebay up to 50 €uros and give it a last trial ... if not, lets try at least to save the data ...

friday, june, 23th ... my computer @ home is still broken :-( ... its hard 2 get childrens notebooks for a while ... but i was an internet addict already, so its prolly better that way ...

addendum, august 7th, 2010: that damned computer works fine again! well, its just thx 2 a friends help and a new motherboard (50 €uros) .... still better than a new one, isnt it? 

btw, ive bought a new externernal drive 2day and im just saving all data there cos it was 2 challenging to save the data regularly on 3 or 4 dvds instead, u know?

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