Thursday, July 1, 2010

#jarobuys rice, rough rice!

(bali, indonesia, 2009)

folks, what a luck 2day! you know, i wanted 2 buy rice yesterday as i faced the message rice reached its 3 years low. my limit order was fulfilled last night @ $9.75 but i didnt realize that (do u think i should download the market opening hours at least 4 my favorite commodities, dont u?). by coincidence of luck + stupidity ive called my broker and bought one additional contract market @ $9.81 2day. that was prolly the damned market low indeed!

btw, sugar + coffee + natural GAS + orange juice + WHEAT + CORN advanced like crazy 2day and offset silver's saaaad 4.5% decline (intraday even more than 5%). who cares abt silver? im not sure yet, but i will prolly increase my silver holdings in the area of $17.33 if it fells that much 2morrow :-)

well, lets say (loud and all 2gether!) the final prayer 4 my new portfolio guest, rough rice: my dear rice, please advance in price like crazy => so i become outrageous rich soon => the farmers start producing more rice (in order 2 participate in the outrageous high price) => and thus there will be a plenty of rice out there => thus nobody will starve cos hunger is a damned ugly feeling. thx, my dear rice, thx 
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