Friday, July 9, 2010

#jarobuys wheat (~weizen~)

folks, there was a lot of discussion abt 'moral' issues when trading currencies, commodities and abt the sooooo evil speculators ....

well, ive written a nice article abt the importance of high wheat prices in order 2 ensure the supply of wheat few days ago at a german trading website ... wanna read that? thats easy, just follow that link ... btw, wanna translate that article into english? also easy! dont waste a second and start immediately and (if finished) just send it 2 me via email or post it directly as comment below in order to help the non-german-speaking-folks out there :-). will you?

addendum, july 2010: OMG! ive increased my wheat position at $430 in june (original purchase was @ $526.6) ... aaaand the current price is $661.5 (!!!)

wanna read more? here we go :-)

addendum august 6th, 2010: well, im out of wheat completely ... 2day rose wheat from $785 to $840, then started 2 fall and my position stopped out @ $757 ... (low: $730, current $747) ... 2 days ago i sold the 1st portion @ $676 (much 2 early cos of fear/panic caused by a phony 2% decline and correspondig wake-up call by some chat-buddies ... i even removed my original stop limit which would hold by sure and sold market just 2 see moving wheat to $830 ... but i know im myself responsible for my decisions, of course ;o)

missed opportunity hurts like hell ... but hopefully comes some next one soon 
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