Saturday, October 9, 2010

demo against nuclear power

well, the sun has soooooo much energy, isnt it? it gives us enough day after day after day after day ... why is homo sapiens that stupid and undergoes all that nuclear danger?

well, in germany did the black/yellow government (CDU/FDP) recently prolonged the original lifetime restriction for nuclear power reactors and once again served its buddies in the power generation business instead of the german people ;-( ... => ...

... never again black/yellow!

there were 50,000 folks protesting against that in munich 2day! what a great people-chain moving from the old city hall to the odeonsplatz square where the main meeting took place ...

ive been there, my 3 women as well ... a great sunny day! well, my youngest daughter enjoyed the event with her friends cos she went shopping straight after that ;o) ... but anyway, all of us 'told' our corrupt government what we want and want we dont ...

folks, do u know what my hottest anti nuclear action was? ive switched from my conventional power supplier to a green power supplier 3 or 4 years ago (well, its greenpeace energy) => so there is no deadly dangerous nuclear power and even no climate destructing coal/oil/gas electric power in my house for years! the green power is even not much more expensive than the conventional nuclear/climate killers these days, u know?

few more pics? here we go:
the chain against the nuclear lobby

the green party

the main meeting

1 beauty demonstrator :-)

btw, who has the power 2 change things? THE CONSUMER, i think ... heya consumers, lets stop buying/supporting nuclear power! will we? 

nuclear mafia ... shudda we consumers say NO to their dirty power and #gogreen NOW?

btw, how sounds a peace and/or green energy demonstration? what abt that?

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jaro gruber said...

folks, of course its pity what a nuclear disaster hapens in japan right know, but maybe it helps to bring more consumers to deselect nuclear power and switch to ecological energy providers like i did few years ago ... its finally the consumer who decides which pruducts will survive and for which products there will be no demand at all in the future ...

lets #gogreen, at least after the nuclear armageddon .... who is going 2 join the green movement?