Saturday, October 30, 2010

alexco resource? SILVER!

next investor lunch event, the #337 i think ... just kidding, of course :)

well, i like these events ... i like 2 talk 2 company representatives, to meet few old faces i know already 4 years and there is always to learn abt the stocks, commodities, industry insights, markets, metals & more

and its profitable as well! just imagine, its just 2 weeks ago when ive really noticed alexco for the 1st time as it was mentioned by euroscandic's daniel at the encanto potash presentation. ive bought few shares at that time and the stock quotes 27% higher 2day!!! well, i liked what ive heard from both the CEO and largest alexcos shareholder clynton nauman, so ive prompt decided 2 buy few more shares ... by some fortunate coincidence i came 2 my wife's notebook when the price was CAD 6.12 and thus before the major portion of 2days +5.67% increase ... last quote? CAD 6.34

any special issues?
  • yukon / canada
  • historic production of many millions ounces of silver in the district
  • there is also zinc, lead, indium out there ... how much? well, if they hedged their Zn/Pb production at current prices they would get all that shiny silver for free + make a huuuge profit + could unload all leftover indium in my garden ;-). hell! i woudda know what 2 do with this stuff, u know?
  • high high high grades! unbelievable high grades! ive never heard abt average silver grades above 40 ounces per ton before ... prolly only the silver mountain in potosi / bolivia had such grades hundreds years ago :)
  • even the historical tailings have higher silver grades than most silver producers encounter currently (sorry, forgot the precise number, not going 2 search that at alexcos website cos it smells like work, u see?)
  • an own environmental division which already generates some cash flow and is prolly going to clean up the whole mining district after all mining is done few years from now
  • a strong partnership with silver wheaton which funded CAD 50m in order 2 build up the 1st mine in exchange of some part of silver produced. got it? SLW guys DO NOT invest in shity properties or shity companies, so its going 2 be a great success here, i believe ;-)
  • well financed
  • relatively low number of shares outstanding and no additional dilution planned (u still remember that the CEO is also a major shareholder, dont u?)
  • any risks? of course, mining is risky! ive told u that already, didnt i? what abt much lower metal prices, bad luck, some technical problems within the mine and/or mill, the current quite high stock price level, no luck at all in order 2 increase their low proven/inferred/indicated mineral reserves  ... or all of that? who knows?
  • anything more? yes, yes, yes! the production is going 2 start within the Q4/2010. wanna know how 'far' away is that? yes? damn! where is my calendar gone? 

any pictures out there? well, there is no current mining production @ alexco, thus lets look at the old one. how? dont worry, 2day i had both a day off and also my most creative day of the week and thought i coudda steal some pictures out of alexcos video presentation from their website => enjoy:

good luck, my lovely alexco resource, good luck 

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jaro gruber said...

good-bye my dear silver explorer ... and welcome my dear silver producer

current company news:

May 03, 2011
Alexco Releases Initial Production Results for Bellekeno Mine; On Track for 2011 Silver Production of 2.8 Million Ounces
May 3, 2011 -- Alexco Resource Corp. (TSX:AXR, NYSE AMEX:AXU) today reported the first full quarter production results from its newly commissioned Bellekeno mine and mill in the Keno Hill Silver District, Yukon.

First Quarter Highlights
Silver Production of 447,524 ounces
Lead Production of 3,682,304 pounds
Zinc Production of 1,334,144 pounds

... etc ...

btw, despite the recent sharp, sharp, sharp correction in the whole mining sector, my initial investment is +66.54% in €uro terms ... not bad in 8 months, anyway