Saturday, March 19, 2011

hamburg ~ the north

sun in hamburg? OMD! it was soooo clever 2 wait with my sightseeing till 2day :-). well, for us land rats is the 'whole north' a huge fish market, so lets go out and check if it really is ... what if not so? well, im not going 2 change my life-long prejudices only cos the reality were somehow different, u see?

gonna find me? city map ;-)

my insights from 'the north'? folks, it is true, hamburg is a fish market! ive told ya yesterday, didnt i? they serve sandwich with fish, pizza with fish, seafood with fish, im not sure abt coffee, but prolly also coffee with fish, who knows? btw, wanna know what do they use instead of trams? ferry boats! unbelievable! ferry boats ...

and hamburg is really cheap, at least compared 2 munich. everything was cheaper 2day than i thought it will be: food, drinks, public transport, entry fees, sightseeing (just sit down on a deck of a ferry boat and watch, watch, watch ... it is really as easy as that in hamburg :o)

whats my overall impression? I LOVE HAMBURG! pls dont tell that too loud abt me when in munich, promised? most positive surprise? the whole city hall from 1897 with its soooo nice facade, inner yard and rooms inside (ive taken a guided tour there) and on top this huuuuge building is constructed on 4000 wooden piles ... hell, am i visiting venice or what? any disappointments? well, the sex district reeperbahn / kiez. it is a busy multi-lane street with cars, busses, sex shops, pubs, gambling halls etc. ... and there was not a single young, pretty, erotically charged lady there who fell in love with me ... hmmmm ... of course, there were few mostly grandma-like prostitutes who would do everything for money, but i only wondered if there are really chaps who would like this kind of 'love' :-( ... well, prolly some drunken sailors at night ... OMG! poor guys ...

ok, lets prepare for the next day of ultimate bridge crossing tour [with approx 2,500 bridges (???) maybe the city with the most bridges in the world] and there is also an old tunnel below the river elbe somewhere in the haven which is awaiting me soooo badly ;-)

coffee with fish? of course, i just had one 4 breakfast 2day ... no wonder that the hamburgers (hamburghese?) consume the most fish per capita out of all 16 german states. anybody surprised?

btw, why the hell hamburg? ive joined my crazy wife for an introduction-seminar on quantum healing by frank kinslow on friday evening ... "healing through pure awareness" ... i liked the guy but decided 2 run through the streets / canals of hamburg anyway ...

dont worry, there will be also some hamburg pictures later on ... unfortunately, hamburg was destroyed few times by fire (esp. 1842) and badly destroyed by british (?) bombing at the end of WW2, so there are not all buildings historical and so pretty old, but there are still many traditional houses left and few were also reconstructed and yes, imho is the city developing itself in a nice style further ... => PICTURES ~ prolly too many ~ just skip few of them ;o)
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