Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PDAC, toronto, niagara falls / canada

canada is abt ice-hockey, isnt it?

PDAC conference/show ~ sooo many mining companies, u see? well, after 2 hours walking through the show looks every booth the same, so lets show ya only one of them ~ the globex mining dream quartet:

folks, im too busy + too tired 2 post anything, will prolly collect my insights and the remained memories on my flight back :-)
wanna know how my vacation begun? ok, after managing all these administrative things like booking a flight + hotel 4 the few 1st nights, packing all needed stuff etc im sitting in air canada plane moving forward 2 toronto. the last time i left the €uro-zone is already few months ago (it was poland / czech republic in december, u know?), so of course i have tried 2 change some money at the airport … a damned mistake of mine! the thieves banks asked for a exchange rate u wouldn’t believe. the fx qoute is 1.35 CAD for 1 €ur. what do u think i got for 100 €uros? 133 dollar or 130? or prolly only 125 cos there is a stupid banking monopoly with 1 (one!) single bank company at munich’s airport? well, it was even less than that ~ 120 CAD, which was 126 minus the 5 euros commission ;-(. i hate these thieves! let them go bankrupt in the next financial crisis a la 2008 …

the flight was fine, anyway … i just wonder abt the mom + dad type of personnel here, the german airlines employ rather the young + pretty model type of stewardess J

well, the PDAC show was interesting and exhausting - soooo damned many companies, soooo many talks to companies' representatives i knew already from the munich precious metals show and also many discussions with companies & folks i didnt knew till now in this four busy days and nights. why also nights? well, ive attended few receptions in the nearby hotels as well (few silver companies together, guyana gold, mcewen capital, 1st majestic silver, ...). but u know what? even if smaller, i like the munich show more, anyway. why? its more attractive 2 me cos there are also many gold&silver coin dealers and thus its more money related than torontos companies' presentations booths  ... and yes, in munich there are many open presentation by well known experts for all attendees and not only (closed) events for invited guests ...

a picture says more than 1,000 words? so what abt few PICTURES? lets move to my picasa albums:
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