Saturday, March 26, 2011

munich against nuclear power

berlin + hamburg + colonia + munich against nuclear power plants (= AKWs, AtomKraftWerk)

here we go ... well, there was and still is a really bad, bad, bad thing with nuclear power in japan and we have sooooo much resistance against nuclear power plants (= AKW, AtomKraftWerk) in germany again. well, last october there were 50,000 people in the streets on a sunny day, after the fukushima disaster there were 80,000 folks on rainy day 2day ... the resistance grows, is it? of course it is pity that we human beings in general cant imagine two steps in advance and only after catastrophes start to realize how dangerous for the life on the planet our stupid profit + laziness + ignorance oriented actions really are :-(

lets hope at least our children will be more clever and sustainable than my and my father's generation was/is ... is there any hope out there?

folks, dont wait till 'the politics' changes in this or any other direction! we consumers have the power to change the world! finally, we decide which products and which electric power we buy, isnt it? lets #gogreen and switch 2 a renewable power suppliers ASAP ... i did it already few years ago and thus is in my householde no nuclear and even no fossil energy any longer cos my green energy provider greenpeace energy provides only renewable energy, u know? aaand there are many renewable energy providers in germany right now => when will you VOTE AGAINST NUCLEAR POWER in the most effective way, i.e. by buying only clean energy? gonna change the world together?
change your power supplier NOW!

yikes, this time there really were folks among the demonstrators who offered people application forms from eco energy suppliers ... well, there are 75% against nuclear power in germany, but only 3% switched 2 renewable energy providers yet ;-(. folks, lets change that as well, LETS #GoGREEN :-)

of course, ive made few more pictures => enjoy :o)

ps: i hope u didnt forget to switch the lights off for 1 hour 2day ~ folks against waste of energy ~ the eart hour

pps: the life is more than just making money (in the financial markets), u know?
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