Saturday, March 5, 2011

orko silver

(source: orko silver)

folks, instead of the usual investor lunch event, there was an investor dinner yesterday ... well, there is a lot to say, but its too late now and im leaving tomorrow to toronto for the PDAC show, so gonna post few insights from director's mike devji's presentation later ... btw, orko will also attend the PDAC, so u could speak directly 2 orko's representatives there :-)

still wanna know few details? here we go:
  • ownes one of world's largest silver deposits in mexico
  • strong partnership with pan american silver (PAAS). as agreed, PAAS can get 55% of the projecting  by spending some money on the property and developing the project up to certain level (feasibility study?). well, 45% from 10m ounces of silver isnt bad, is it? u know whats even better? im also shareholder of PAAS, so i dont have to care abt the remaining 55% as well :-)
  • overview abt usage of silver + outlook abt future silver market developments + the shortage of physical silver will prolly continue further, so we neednt worry too much abt the price of silver ... just imagine if silver socks becomed the best selling socks in the world, there are sooooo many feet on planet earth, OMG! lol
  • the current high-high-high price helps orko a lot cos PAAS is prolly going to make an open pit mine and take out all silver available instead of the original plan of mining only few high grade veins underground
  • orko is currently my 4th biggest position, so i dont complian abt the high silver prices either :-)
  • ...
good luck, my dear orko miners, good luck ;-)
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