Monday, April 23, 2012

8. resource conference

dark clouds in the resource sky ~ entering the maximilian street, the place 2 be 2day

what a paradox! at a day where my resource-based portfolio hits its performance low since late 2008, the cm-equity guys have organized a noble resource conference in munich's noble hotel vier jahreszeiten (4 seasons), hmmmmm, straaange ...

anyway, what did i like most? prolly the market analysis by chris berry, and yes, the opportunity 2 speak 2 fellow investors and 2 representatives of few of my portfolio's companies ...

btw, there were 6 companies presenting 2day:
  • zimtu capital ~ here and there, very talented guys who were able 2 recognire trends like precious metals + potash + rare earths + graphite ahead the curve and on top even able to create or invest in such companies at insider /pre-IPO terms ...
  • tembo gold ~ tanzania
  • majestic gold ~ china
  • western potash ~ canada
  • great panther silver ~ mexico, i didnt wait for their presentation ... but bought few more shares ;-)
  • gran colombia gold ~ colombia
graphit, gold, potash, china, growth, demographics, TIMBI (turkey, india, mexico, brasil, indonesia), ...

btw, thats why my gold/silver/commodity based portfolio is soooooooo low, the mining stocks are (relatively 2 metal prices) almost cheaper than in crashy 2008, just look at the gold-xau-ratio in this chart. dont ask abt the current level, cos stocks went much deeper 2day again, thus the ratio higher, means even more losses 4 my portfolio, as ive mentioned above ;-(

source: facebook

any conclusion, my dears? yep, gonna sell (part of) my silver bullion and buy gold/silver stocks, which already produce significant cash-flow and thus not gonna need any financing, share dilution or the like :-)

anything else? yep, gonna post few pictures later, promised ;) ... here we go, enjoy the first 5 pictures from cm-equity (source: and also mine own pics:

#3 chris berry 
#4 great panther silver
#8 lets walk a little bit outside and move to my office job later :-)

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