Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter march for peace

as every year, we have many many easter marches for peace in germany. in munich we hadnt much luck with the weather, it was cold + rainy ... the major message this year? easy:

no war against iran.

unfortunately, i have had an appointment i couldnt cancel, so i did not join the march (from theresienwiese 2 sendlinger tor) and came to the final event at sendlinger tor square in the early afternoon only ... OMG, why did they organize the demo only via their own website and not as a public facebook event as well? i wasnt aware it would be on saturday and simply couldnt change my plans yesterday at 12 pm when i've recognized the demo will take place today ....

anyway, my buddies from OccupyMunich / united for global change / real democracy now / OccupyWallStreet have been there ...
... and so was the bavarian police
sendlinger tor / sendlinger gate after the demo ... (few pictures from sendlinger street in my 'bavaria sightseeing' photo album, just scroll to the last pictures here)

folks, only 2 make sure we really know who is the real danger for peace in the world, what abt a small comparison? (obama = first black president, good man; ahmadinedshad = religous fascist, bad man; woudda you say?). let better the facts speak:

source? here ...

=> PEACE :-)
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