Saturday, September 8, 2012

watch out folks, the inflation monster released ...

folks, the inflation monster is out there, you know? well, after both the FED and the ECB committed to print money (or buy junk bonds like the greek / spanish / italian / etc in UNLIMITED amounts) there is no other way than hyper-inflation ... what about today's commodity markets? gold +2%, silver +3%, oil +1.6%, coffee + 2.5%, copper +4% ... well, poor consumers. hell, that's all of us, damn ... got gold? go gold bugs go, anyway :-)
who cares? my micro trading account likes all that financial mess out there it a lot, it was +18% today, especially thanks to the silver + oil price increase and yes, after a lot of suffering my account is +5.5% since the re-entry in may with initial capital of 2,000 €uros. thanks my dear mr. bernanke, thanks my very dear mario draghi, thanks all my dear stupid politicians ... see you in the inflationary hell soon ... unless the inflation monster eats up all of us  ;-(
just in case you have no idea how the inflation monster looks like, see the picture created by the ECB here ... they have some sense of humour these ugly ECB banksters, don't they?

addendum september 22th, 2012: 3 current examples from germany i have encountered TODAY: 
  • döner kebab lunch at the turkish restaurant around the corner +10% since my last visit
  • bus / tram / underground tickets in munich as announced via top headline in one of munich's newspapers +3.7%
  • probably most important, the price increase of beer at the just opened oktoberfest is +3.87% since last year ... damn, we are going to pay 9.30 €uros (= USD 12.07) for 1 liter of beer this year
addendum october 11: a summary about tuna can factor (debt crisis driven) investment strategies ... what's your opinion?
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