Friday, September 28, 2012


we drink one another's health and spoil our own. ~ jerome k. jerome (1859-1927) ~ cheers :-)

few drink champagne ...
... the most drink beer and dance on the tables ...

... and yes, nobody here worries about our future, peace & war, inflation, democracy, politics, r-evolution, climate change, nature or any other important issue ... is really bread and games all we need like the ancient roman saying tells? hmmm, the life is good ... isn't it? well, thus my dears: Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. ~ Omar Khayyan

coming soon or never: more pictures + insights (inflation: the beer price is 3.87% higher than last year, on average 9.30 €uros (= USD 12). quite a lot for 1 liter of beer, wouldn't you say?)

what about last year's oktoberfest / octoberfest / wiesn event in munich / münchen? here :-)

addendum september 29th: omg, omg, omg ... i think i have been in paradise today :-). my dears, forget beer tents, forget beer gardens, the chocolate & coffee & wine tent rischart is the place to be .... food, drinks (no beer at all) and soooo many pretty women, that was the heaven i know ... and yes, the best of all wives was with me, the nicest day 2012 so far ...

well we have met funnny swiss girls (so beautiful, i will probably get one special picture by email next week), nice to speak to group of bavarians from dachau and 7 or 8 girls from NYC. well, the americans arrived in the centre of munich (marienplatz / town hall) and most of them (5 or 6) bought the same blue bavarian folks dress for the oktoberfest, what a circle! a dress just for 2 or 3 nights? a really bad investment, wouldn't you say? nope, they are going to come next year as well ;o)
heaven #1 ~ our table today
haeven #2 ~ the swiss girls table next to ours

what about tomorrow? an easy decision, isn't it?

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