Sunday, September 16, 2012

fighting against inflation ... ~ deflation?

unbelievable, the inflation monster (picture) was really created by the ECB (source: ECB (!!!)): and yes, the whole ECB inflation website is a bad joke if you asked me ;o): 

well, if FED + ECB are going to print money like crazy and the inflation monster is going to eat us alive, let's try to protect myself & my family a little bit => let's buy some gold + silver related assets => go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system NOW 

part one:

part two:

good luck, my dear buy and hold commodity plays and yes, let's come back here at the end of the year in order to decide / see if this buy decision was right ... of course, there are some commodity trading plays as well :-)

more about inflation? probably here

OMG, my dears ... it is going to be a hard fight against the inflation monster, you know?

addendum sept 24th, 2012: inflation was last month's / week's mode ... today is the USD a little bit stronger against euro (+0.37%) and also against few other paper buddies ... and yes, there is dark red ink all over the equity & commodity boards / markets ... damn, why has that USD still that much power?
deflation :-(
equities / commodities / my trading account / etc down, paper money up ;o((

deflation in my trading account :-((

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