Sunday, September 9, 2012

lake lußsee (lusssee) + langwieder see

langwieder see
summer meadow at lake lußsee (lusssee)

langwieder see + lußsee (lusssee) + birkensee = 3 lakes close to our home, but we use to go only to the twin lakes langwieder see & lusssee especially if we only like to jump into the water and don't want to stay too long there ;o) ... i have swum in the (colder) langwieder see today (i.e. the dark one in the front) from the very right point and walked over to the lusssee (i.e. the one in the middle) after that ;o)

our 3 lakes: langwieder see + lusssee + birkensee
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more bavarian lakes? here we go
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