Wednesday, November 7, 2012


#14N = whole spain in the streets? btw, why do we germans still wait at home till our economy is completely knocked down? are we really that ignorant + stupid?

speech of spanish delegation in munich

we have been about 300 people in munich today

european solidarity? general strike? (source: here)

yes, my dears, let's show our support to the hundreds of thousands protesters in greece, spain, portugal ... let's go in the streets again :o)
well, the #14N will be a wednesday and thus more difficult to manage than the usual weekend demos because of all our day-to-day issues, but let's try it anyway.

OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether => let's create a better honest + sustainable world => #unitedforglobalchange + #RealDemocracyNow => see you in the streets :-)

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why all of that? easy, because ...
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pascal, the key speaker of the demo #14N in munich:

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