Friday, November 2, 2012

munich gold show

the next munich gold show is ante portas, my dears => go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system now :-)
golden buddha as a symbol for my faith that the most of my gold / silver / energy / commodities investments will turn out well? well, this buddha is probably not really made of gold, but the future of (most of) my investment decisions really is, you know? hell, i'll maybe look for the golden buddha in my thailand pictures at the weekend, but if not successful i don't think i would look for + digitalize + upload pictures we have made 20 years ago during our 1st visit to thailand ;o)

official information about the edelmetallmesse-event like place, time, speakers, exhibitors and the like is HEREof course, i will be the full 2 days (friday / saturday) there and post some insights, pictures as the time passes by :-). see you there?

what about a quote? gold mine is a hole in the ground with a liar at the top ~ mark twain
why did i tell you this? well, mining success is often about people, you know? so let's show you the management of few of my most important portfolio companies
in the middle keith neumeyer; CEO first majestic silver, my number 1 position by current market value thanks to the stellar company & share price development, acquired in many 'shots' between july 2007 and september 2012. the other 2 guys are richard mayr from argentuminvest + myself, of course
peter hawley, CEO scorpio mining + CEO scorpio gold. well, scorpio mining is my second biggest position right now and the biggest in terms of initial money invested. they have had huuuuge problems as the share price dropped from above CAD 2 below 0.5 this summer and then the founder + former CEO peter took over the company leadership again, the share price today? CAD 1.15 ... well, better than nothing :-)
on the right david hodge, CEO of the zimtu group (zimtu capital corp + commerce resources + western potash + equitas resources + strike graphite + ...)

there have been many many interesting presentations, the one i liked most was the by the famous trend forecaster gerald celente, but i also really liked philipp vorndran, uwe bergold, ralf borgsmüller, rolf nef  and max otte
gerald celente (as i could remember his words, later i will probably upload also 1-3 short videos at youtube, as for now i hope the organisers will upload all speeches to internet themselves): capitalism is dead. we have no capitalism anymore. in capitalism, there would be no bailout of banks like in 2008. we have a merger of state and corporate power, that's the definition of fascism. with our actions today we shape the future/trends of tomorrow ... thus do your best, my dears ... and yes, we can change the future and yes, our impact matters ... thanks gerald for these words, the most people do believe they are too small & to meaningless in order to change anything :-)

of, course i'm not superstitious at all, but as every year i have bought a silver coin with the chinese zodiac sign for the next year in order to bring me some luck at the markets and also few other coins, why not? anyway, welcome 2013, the year of the snake
australian + armenian + somalian silver investment coins

damn, let's show you also the prettiest side of the gold show: hostesses, lotteries, souvenirs and the like. can you imagine that there are folks out there who measure a state of a particular market (segment) by the so called hostess factor? easy, the more hostesses and the more naked they are at a related fair, the more preceded is that market. believe me, there is no bubble in gold, silver and mining stocks yet :-)
tombola at the sigorex newsletter writers group

well, i've also increased my stakes in following companies in november:

btw, my coverage of the last year's event is here :-)
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