Wednesday, November 7, 2012

stupid, more stupid, most stupid, stock market investors :-)

addendum december 27, 2012: stupidity is not a singlei investment issue, you know? when in fear (or greedy) investors/traders drive many markets in the same direction at the same time ... just look what happend today after some unimportant economy confidence analysis hit the market today ... pure panic :-(

my silver miners from idaho, Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation (CDE), missed some stupid analysts expectations, reported a loss of $15.8m for the last quarter ... so far so good ..

what did the markets today?

5 days trading range + volume

hello, the company lost $15m, the stock is down 20%, the market cap is down $400+ million => hello again, mr. market? btw, that's the corresponding news release

stupid, more stupid, most stupid, stock market investors ??? please wake up, my dear homo sapiens financialis and yes, please start thinking for yourself ...

well, let's bet that this downturn is a little bit too much for a small 3Q loss for a still profitable company (on a yearly basis) and let's buy few shares tomorrow :-)

addendum, day #1: well, i've got some CDE shares on market opening at $24.69. the stock increased +8.17% today, the closing quote is $26.07. not bad for 1 day, if you asked me. what do you think, my dear mr. market? who was right and who was wrong yesterday? hmmmm :-)

same issue, different story ~ why i don't like investors/traders :-)
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