Thursday, November 29, 2012

#jarobuys oil ...

... more oil ... well, i think oil is much to cheap, let's bet on that inefficiency of the financial markets :-)

of course, i think that damned oil is much too cheap for some time now, so i've just increased my existing positions, but i'm still down on all of that investments / trades ... hmmmm, you don't think mr. market is right and i'm wrong my dears, do you?

hell, my 2 warrants that expired in the middle of november were sold at a relative small profit (the win on the first warrant could overweight the total loss on the second, the more speculative one). so i have paid taxes on the profit and re-invested all the money again. wanna see how dangerous warrant / options trades are? if you are right on the chosen combination of strike price and time, you make some money as i did a year ago, but if you are wrong, your options will be worthless at their respective expiry dates and you are going to lose all your money invested ... so be really careful, my dears and believe me, there really is a good reason why warren buffett calls derivates the financial weapons of mass destruction which means you can massively destroy your own account :-)

as for now, the performance of my call options is really poor, but there is still some hope for my derivative vehicles as their expiry dates range between november 2013 and november 2015 and their strike prices range between $85 and $115 per barrel. 

go, oil trades go :-)

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