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charlie hebdo ~ false flag operation?

was this #ParisShooting tragedy a false flag operation or is it just another conspiracy theory? at least the political leaders funeral march was a fraud and on top were mass killers of own people like netanjahu (netanyahu) and poroschenko (poroshenko) marching in the front row on top :-((
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war criminals / let's fight against them / montagsdemo

what happened on january 7th, 2015 in paris?
  • 11 journalists of the french satire magazine charlie hebdo + 1police officer were killed. R.I.P
why was that most likely a false flag operation (FFO)?
  • it was much too professionally committed and looked like secret service operation (french? israeli? american? ...)
  • the police found the reason (caricatures of prophet muhammad) + the offenders (two or three young muslims) much too fast
  • one of the offenders forgot his passport in a getaway car (wtf? would you take your passport with you when going to kill 11 people? how often did you lost your passport in the last 10 years? i have not lost my in 30 years. do the muslim committers always take their passports with them (like in the 9/11 tragedy (FFO?)). how can ONE passport identify TWO offenders?
  • the getaway car has one time white mirrors and the next time black mirrors ...
  • both so-called offenders were shot dead so no one can speak about the issue. it reminds me of the poor osama bin laden who was found asleep by an u.s. special forces commando in pakistan, then killed in self-defence by that commando and thrown into the persian gulf after that, so no one could speak to him too ... well, i think he was death already for several years ...
  • a high french police officer committed suicide ... because he attempted to issue murder warrant against president obama ... and yes, obama was missing at the promotional picture of the western political leaders ,,,
  • two days later (january 9th) there was a shooting in paris kosher supermarket which killed 4 people. again was the so-declared offender shot dead without any possibility of questioning (and there was a video showing his execution by french police where his hands were bound) ... see video below ...
  • cui bono? who profits most? the western war industry by getting a next excuse for its barbaric wars against muslim nations (iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, ...)? the whole military-industrial complex? or israel because the symbolic vote in france backed the palestinian state one month ago? NATO by making all muslims enemy no. 1? the NSA? the CIA? or simply the NWO which can again take more rights from the people and give it to governments in order to 'protect the people' ... 9/11 and patriot act say hello, don't they?
  • in the politicians' march was a FFO, too
  • etc
btw, see like real concern looks like (there were over 1 million people in the streets of paris)
je suis charlie (i'm charlie)
R.I.P Helric Fredou ~ suicide?
... and once again, this is fraud:
hoax, hoax, hoax ...

let's watch few videos
#1 what a great perspective

#2 Attackers SPLICED IN + COPS cut out + Man in bullet proof vest watches (

#4 kosher supermarket ~ 50+ police officers execute ONE 'terrorist' with bounded hands

#5 kosher supermarket

#6 kosher supermarket

in german (und nun auf deutsch):
here is an interesting analysis from the german nachdenkseiten (in deutsch :-)

... und hier noch ein tolles interview mit eva herman und andreas popp (

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