Sunday, January 4, 2015

schloss kropstädt

on the way back from poland we have decided to make a break and visit interesting => we have chosen the lutherstadt wittenberg in sachsen-anhalt (martin luther's city wittenberg). well, we had to spend a night in an old castle hotel with just 1 more family out there ... even the hotel employees left the castle island at 8 p.m. we didn't care, my wife likes to talk to ghosts not only for her business purposes (hypnosis + reincarnation) anyway :-)
castle kropstädt 1860, source wikipedia
coat of arms (wappen)
 the most rooms and corridors are (just) ordinary furnished as the socialistic era (there was a birth clinic for lone mothers before) took away a lot of former equipment
civil registry office
water ditch around the castle
one beaver's work :-)
good bye, water castle kropstädt

the current castle was built in 1855-1856. originally was there the water castle liesnitz (Wasserburg Liesnitz ~ built 1150 by local robber knights, destroyed 1358 by the wittenberg's.  according to the customs of that era was the site also damned and powdered with salt, so never ever comes any danger out of the place :-)

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