Monday, January 5, 2015

lutherstadt wittenberg

what a nice visit to the cranach and martin luther city of wittenberg (lutherstadt wittenberg) on our way back from christmas holidays (do you remember our stops in polandstettin + castle kropstädt?)

1517 - 2017 = 500 years of reformation (in europe)? maybe, but in every case wait with your visit of wittenberg till 2017. why?  the chance that the reconstruction of the 3 most interesting cultural sites will be finished (luther's city curch, castle (church), luther's house)

city square 
cranach's altar in luther's church 
1517 - 2017 = 500 years of reformation (in europe)
 luther's house
 good night, wittenberg
 big brother, the police and the moon are watching you ... at our recent trip to‪ #wittenberg‬ ~ only the mental strength of my wife could prevent the camera flash to recognise her smile emoticon
more pictures here

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