Saturday, September 5, 2015

marienbad (marianske lazne) - CZ - czech republic, our gate to eastern europe

i've spent tons of time in eastern europe in september (CZ, PL, SK), you know? i hope i will find enough time to upload few pictures and insights, we will see :-)
anyway, the most discussed topic out there were the refugees streaming to europe from war struggled mid-east :-)

the most interesting thing for me was that i have moved around mostly in the former german areas and yes, there is not much german spirit if any left out there ... of course, after the WWII were 12 to 15 million germans expelled from their homes (the numbers depend on source and yes, many, many germans were killed on the way ... the official number on wikipedia are 12 million germans who came to post-war west & east germany). any lessons learned?
  • a war is always a bad, bad, bad issue
  • dear germans, please don't cry about 500.000 refugees from syria, afghanistan, iraq, libya etc. ... the number is less than 1% of german population and yes, the refugees wouldn't come to europe when the so civilized western-christian 'community of values' led by CIA, USA, NATO, france, great britain, germany, drones, bombs & Co. wouldn't destroy their countries in the first place. of course, this western values (= chaos, death & destruction) are often locally promoted by western trained + financed terrorist groups like FLA, FSA, al-qaeda, ISIS / ISIL, al-nusra-front, ... if you asked me, turkey + saudi arabia + qatar also heavily supported these terrorists groups in order to ensure their local goals like e.g. the turkish-government's dream of the destruction of kurds ...
ok, let's start with our journey which the best of all wives & me started in the spa marienbad (marianske lazne):
 our hotel belvedere
hotel polonia
  my miss polonia
the spa centre with the singing fountain
spa house + belvedere
hotel nove lazne
spa in hotel nove lazne
3 emperors :-)

enjoy more marienbad pictures in g+ album here

our + my next stations in the 2 + 1 weeks were [czech republic, poland, slovakia, austria (vienna is east of prague, you know?), germany]:
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