Monday, September 28, 2015

brno CZ - brünn

visiting brno aka brünn in southeast czech republic, the current capitol of the province morava (mähren). the former capitol of morava was olmütz (olomouc), but after the swedes destroyed it during the so called 30 years' war from 1618 to 1648 in the 17th century, brno took over the moravian leadership.

just in case you are not sure how loong wars looked like in a gold standard financial system: it was NOT continuous fighting over 30 years (or 100 years in the 100 years' war). it were series of wars with fighting mostly in the summer time and a break in the winter, where the armies went home. of course a war lasted only so long till the emperors could pay its soldiers (with gold/silver) and thus the war ended when the countries went bankrupt as the most fighting countries eventually did. of course, there was also a lot of looting and murdering of civil population as  the armies went through the respective region (e.g. the sack of magdeburg in 1631, when 25,000 out of its 30,000 inhabitants were killed ;-( ... so sad).
btw, the 30 years' war was initially about religion (protestant christians against catholic christians), later simply about power in europe as the then catholic france joined the protestant alliance. well, if the many fortuneteller are right, the upcoming WW3 will be about religion too (christians against muslims) and will lead to the NWO which enslaves the people all over europe, north america, middle east, ...)
brünn around 1700 (source wikipedia)
 the straying tomcat pub ~ is it me?
straying tomcat beer? yep, they import the tasty kocour beer (tomcat beer) from the brewery pivovar kocour in varnsdorf (warnsdorf)
j. gruber deli food? why not? good-luck, my dear namesake :-)
 castle spielberg (today spilberk) and brno survived the swedish siege in 1645 (30 years' war)
what a nice church, nicer then the brno dome i climbed up in the morning :-)
town hall
the brno dragon is a croc, if you asked me :-)
train station area
the grave of alexander dubcek, the slovak politician and most promising candidate for the 1st president of slovakia after the communist era, killed in a car 'accident' close to the city of humpolec ~

more brno pictures here.
my whole 2+ weeks trip in czech republic + poland slovakia here.

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