Sunday, November 1, 2015

slovakia SK

all saint & more in slovakia ~ i visited relatives in september, november + december and thus travelled a lot over slovakia :-)

there are many things different than in germany, but the most impressive difference for me is the huge amount of hills, forests, nature as it used to be ... unfortunately, in germany we live much more close to each other ...

 stupava, castle
 stupava, church
bratislava, the capitol of SK, there are for decades ecological electric buses out there
palffy castle smolenice
the rome of slovakia ~ trnava

mnisek nad hnilcom (einsiedel) ~ my parents' birth village
typical old houses in the village einsiedel
smolnik (schmöllnitz)
 a ukrainian church build by the tchernobyl victims which settled in slovakia after the nuclear explosion

  kosice (kaschau)my birth city

 the first roman-katholic dome west of vladivostok (i've heard that it is true :). wanna see the distance at google? let's try THIS :o))


chateau mignon, dubnica

more pictures here 😄

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