Friday, November 6, 2015

edelmetallmesse 2015 - munich gold show

the edelmetallmesse event was in new location in the tram / MVG museum in munich and it was nice as always: bullion dealers, mining companies, expert presentations, fiat money critic,  financial industry, NWO, xetra gold, austrian economy, the so popular refugee problem, many old buddies, ... and everywhere glitter of gold + silver :-)

i've listened to many speeches, most of them in full, here are the the guys + view insights:

  • prof. wilhelm nölling
  • tomasz konicz (just few minutes)
  • thorsten proettel (LBBW)
  • ronald-peter stöferle ~ the oktoberfest inflation barometer: beer price development (remember 197, the end of gold standard + beginning of fiat money :-) 
  • thomas bachheimer ~ omg, what a speech and what slides, watch few  pictures HERE 
  • claus vogt
  • ernst wolff
  • dietmar siebholz
  • markus blashzok
  • DEG (deutsche edelmetallgesellschaft)
  • prof. dr. hans-jürgen bocker ~ omg, what a speech ~ this guy is so funny, but the content of his speech is not, it is (mostly) the truth :-(
  • robert rethfeld
  • gianni kovacevic (my electrician drives a porsche
  • dr. dipl.-ing. (FH) MPhil jürgen müller
  • willem middelkoop (only 15 minutes)
  • manfred zimmel (stock exchange astrologer)
  • dr. eike hamer ~ very interesting connection between trade volumes usa vs. europe vs. russia vs. china vs. BRIC and the 'new silk road' as the new economic power in which europe hopefully can still participate if it emancipates from the american stranglehold (as for now, because of the EU sanctions against russia many infrastructure contract went from german companies to chinese ... on the other hand, the trade volume between usa and russia increased in 2014 as the german politician sahra wagenknecht said in german bundestag some time ago)
  • johann a. saiger
  • folker hellmeyer ~ a great speech + a great show + great critic on USA imperialism 
few pictures:
 the tram museum
 thorsten proettel (LBBW) ~ germany profits from (weak & almost zero interest rate) euro. who is germany? government vs. companies vs. people
ronald-peter stöferle ~ the oktoberfest inflation barometer: beer price development (remember 1971 :-)
the smaller cafeteria
thomas bachheimer ~ stop being chiwawa, become a wolf again
claus vogt about EU's juncker ~ what a liar
claus vogt ~ 1971 the end of gold standard + begin of fiat money
blaskok ~ the omnipotent german refugee problem
prof. dr. hans-jürgen bocker ~ this guy is so funny, but the content of his speech is not, it is (mostly) truth :-(
after work with friends in the nearby harlachinger einkehr
gianni kovacevic ~ (green) electric power => invest in copper
gianni kovacevic gives away hundreds copies of his book 'my electrician drives a porsche'
show booths
jürgen müller 
jürgen müller ~ the 3 spokes investment method ~ equities, gold, real estate
willem middelkoop ~ our financial system needs a reset
willem middelkoop ~ george soros ~ our financial system needs a reset
currency wars west against east :-)
manfred zimmel - the gloomy astrological forecaster
manfred zimmel - NWO plan
beauty meets beauty ~ slovak beauty ~ there was a huge slovak group out there. maybe by accident, i guess  ~ anyway, the huge gold bar dummy glitters nice, if you asked me
lucky me, my key opened the safe and i won the nice usb stick at the xetra-gold booth
dr. eike hamer ~ implications of wars and global trade on political & economical situation ~ here the military spending by states in 2013 => anything strange out there? do you know now why is USA + its henchmen able to kill hundreds of thousands people around the globe (iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, yemen, ...) without any punishment?
silver coins
more pictures HERE
last year's event is HERE

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