Friday, November 20, 2015

TTIP + CETA + CSU against the people

munich against TTIP & CETA at the congress of the ruling bavarian party CSU ...

why? well, i don't know how much do you know about these trade 'partnerships' between USA, CANADA and EU or any other imperialistic partnership like TPP (read more here) ... to make a long story short, it is a dictatorship of big industry over nations and over their parliaments. the parliaments don't care, they are going to sign the treaty anyway. btw, in berlin, there was a huge demonstration with 250,000 attendees against TTIP few weeks ago on october 10th, the biggest in germany in the last 20 years. if you asked me, i guess, the politicians will sign the treaty anyway, because they don't work for us folks, they work for the symbolic 1%, you know?
 activist on tour :-)
 the politicians and the activist take the same way, but with so different attitude
  so true
 ... gier und das zinseszinssystem, um auch die systemische ursache zu erwähnen
 yes, we can stop TTIP, CETA, TPP, merkel, obama & co. because we are the 99%
 trojan horse is probably the best characteristic what TTIP really is :-)
activist leaves the demo at about 1 p.m. and goes to work

more pictures here

btw, this was the event link (with some german information about TTIP)

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