Sunday, May 8, 2016

brünnstein mountain (1619 metres high) + tatzlwurm waterfalls in the beautiful mangfallgebirge

what a nice mother's day hiking in the hills: my 2 daughters and me .. well, i'm a quite good mother(-substitute) if you asked me and better do not ask my daughters :-) ... anyway, i'm probably a better mother than a husband & son together ...

brünnstein is a beautiful mountain in the bavarian alps (mangfallgebirge) close to the village oberaudorf and the city of bayerischzell. we have been at the chapel on the top of the (lower) east peak (1619). the main peak is 1634 metres high but not so often visited because the chapel and the view from there is much more attractive ...

and do you know what? the service personnel at the brünnsteinhaus (1360 m), the cottage right below the peak came from my native slovakia ... well, the people from poor countries often have to serve  people in rich countries, so sad :-(
walking higher & higher ...
the seeonalm and the small lake were still in winter mode 
a tasty lunch break at the brünnsteinhaus (1360 m) below the brunnstein peak
the small chapel on the top
 gorilla guru on the top of brünnstein too, 1619 m :-)
the mountain plateau
another chapel ~ close to parking place and tour start at rosengasse / oberaudorf
our last stop? the nearby tatzlwurm wasserfall (here the upper waterfall) & restaurant feueriger tatzlwurm
mr. chamois, a mountain hiker
more pictures here

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