Sunday, May 22, 2016

lake schliersee + rohnberg 1257m

what a nice day in the bavarian apls with my eldest daughter today: our agenda: schliersee village - schliersbergalm 1061m - rohnberg 1257m (schliersberg 1265m is the peak, rohnberg the name of the massive) - lake schliersee (camping)

well, the lake schliersee is the next dot on my bavarian lakes tour ~ the water was soooo cold today :-)
 lake schliersee as seen from schliersbergalm 1061m (hotel, restaurant, alpenroller, cable car, summer sledge, mini golf, swimming pool, children's playing ground, beer garden  ... aaaand a beautiful view over the schliersee
hotel / restaurant / children's paradise schliersbergalm
how to get down? cable car? hiking? no, let's slide by summer sledge (~right picture side)
let's take a fresh bath (soo cold) from the camping site
good-bye, lake schliersee
more pictures here

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