Thursday, May 26, 2016

martin - kosice - bratislava, SK

a short trip to slovakia ~ 2016 km in 5 days. my plan for next year? 2017 km :-)

the main reason for my visit? easy:
mother & son :-)
the city of martin:
the view at krivan, the famous hill in mala fatra massif
lake liptovska mara:
the high tatras is in the clouds, what a pity
kosice / kassa / kassau / cassovia:
 the last one is ours :-)
 kosice, coat of arms
recycling in slovakia: beer, wine, spirits :-)
motorest halier / lake tomasovce (near lucenec)
this small fish pond was shallow and thus really warm ... next time i will probably try the a little bit bigger nearby water reservoir divin
bratislava castle ~ bratislavsky hrad
more pictures: here
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