Monday, May 9, 2016

grainau, waxenstein => badersee & eibsee

what a nice 2-days team workshop in grainau at the lake badersee. well, grainau is not only the entry point to germany's highest peak zugspitze. it is also a really nice sleepy village below the waxenstein peak (2277 metres high) and a great starting point for hiking tours to badersee, rosensee, eibsee, höllentalklamm, zugspitze, waxenstein, garmisch-partenkirchen, ... :-)

enjoy few pictures
 hotel am badersee - grainau - painting & reality (photo)

our drone over the alps ~ is technology blessing or curse? well, it depends on how we use it :-)
 neuneralm + waxenstein
walking back to grainau
omg, what a double rainbow
more pictures here

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