Sunday, April 23, 2017

munich's museums

what to do on a rainy sunday in munich? well, it is always a good idea to visit one of the many munich's museums. the state owned museums provide a reduced entry fee for only 1 euro per person on sundays, so it is also not expensive, my dears :-)

bayerisches nationalmuseum (bavarian national museum):

however, i wanted to write this blog post last year as we visited the residenz museum with friends (that nice guided historical tour was a birthday gift for me) and the völkerkunde-museum with my wife + eldest daughter within few weeks. we also tried to visit the bavarian national museum with my wife, but it was a nice sunny day, so we just made many pictures from outside and continued to walk in the nearby english gardens at the river isar. today we finally managed to visit the national museum from inside, too :-)
  • residenz (residence of the bavarian kings) ~ pictures see below
  • völkerkundemuseum about nations around the world - the (only) nice parts were polynesia/micronesia and the special exhibition about myanmar, so we decided to visit myanmar this year ~ pictures see below
  • lange nacht der museen - at the long night of munich's museum we especially visited the beer museum and a guided historical tour through the old city center
  • nymphenburg castle accommodates especially paintings + the nearby educative men & nature (children) museum (mensch & natur), where we were really often with our daughters when they were small
  • MVG museum (public transportation) is the new home of the gold & silver show edelmetallmesse
  • BMW museum ~ more pictures coming soon?
  • bayerisches nationalmuseum (bavarian national museum), enjoy few pictures:
völkerkundemuseum (08/2016):
polynesia / micronesia
north america
residenz (08/2016)
sooooo nice and so interesting. we have had a historical guided tour with friends, i liked most the proverbs our guide explained us like (in german, of course):
  • auf der langen bank sitzen
  • tafelsilber
  • alles in butter
  • usw
more pictures here.

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