Sunday, April 2, 2017

what makes us happy? and heathy? good RELATIONSHIPS, says the longtime harward study on happiness :-)

ted talks (ideas worth spreading, tedx) presents Robert Waldinger:

what makes a good life? lessons from the longest study on happiness (75+ years, since 1938) taken by harvard university on two groups of people: harvard students and folks from boston's poorest neighborhood ... amazing results :-)

there is so much wisdom in this short 12 minutes presentation, thus do not miss it :-)
it is not about being rich or famous, my dears ... happyness and health (also mental health in old age) comes more with good relationships to family, friends & communities than with economic success ... (sorry for so much disappointment + loneliness you have encountered in your old age, my dear mother)  => what about replacing screen time with people time TODAY?

link to original source HERE


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