Sunday, October 1, 2017

anger - höglwörth

have you ever seen this beautiful augustinian monastery from 1125 close to bavarian border when entering salzburg / austria? me, stupid, neither :-(
(Das St. Peter und Paul geweihte Augustiner-Kloster wurde 1125 durch Erzbischof Konrad I. von Salzburg gegründet.)

let 'save' here the idea to visit this beautiful monastery and beautiful lake höglwörther see next time when i will travel to austria and /or slovakia.

well, we made a break from long distance driving in the nearby sleepy village of anger, but i wasn't clever enough to ask google what interesting can be seen in the area. next time i will be smarter, promised. at least i wasn't angry when leaving anger as at that point i didn't know what i have missed just 2 or 3 kilometers away :-)

enjoy few pictures from (village) anger anyway:
 let's stop for lunch over there :-)
can you see the highway below?
more pictures here

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