Tuesday, October 3, 2017

oktoberfest 2017

oktoberfest2017 is over => but let's look back for a while :-)

how everything begun in 1810
how it begun in 2017: the run for beer or were all of these folks hypnotized by colleague of my wife olf (hypnotist; but during the oktoberfest an almond seller in family business) who made this video from INSIDE the feast area. who knows?
if you asked me, this video reveals a lot what is wrong in our world. in order to help others or to save the nature there would not be that many folks running like crazy, would they?

enjoy few pictures and insights as i have been this year twice. at the very first day (09/16) and at the very last day of this oktoberfest (10/03) ...
 two of us
augustiner beer is currently the probably most popular bier in munich
löwenbräu beer tent
... the oide wiesn (the old oktoberfest) is a paid area with few historic attractions
family on tour :-)
 late(r) at night
more pictures? here
few pictures from an earlier visit? here

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