Sunday, October 22, 2017

golden autumn

yesterday was probably the last warm and sunny day of the year 2017 in munich. i used the (last?) chance and went swimming in the so cold lake langwieder see. today it is cold outside and rainy. it doesn't matter, let's remember this years golden autumn with few pictures (mostly from my area neuaubing / langwied), will we?
the entry area at BMW's research and innovation center (FIZ) in milbertshofen
chemtrails in münchen-neuaubing?
the less frequented beer garden (biergarten) out there
lake langwieder see
lake lusssee
lake langwieder see
lake lusssee
google remembered me at october 2014 ;-) => wildensee / karwendel

more pictures about munich's beautiful fall scenery are here
more bavarian lakes here

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