Friday, March 9, 2018

slovaks against corruption

enough is enough - slovaks against corruption, finally :-). 

well, after the murder of the young slovak journalist jan kuciak and his girlfriend martina kusnirova (february 22th - 25th, they were found death in their house after few days), the masses are waking up and not longer willing to tolerate the overwhelming corruption in slovakia. jan was investigating on connection between highest slovak politicians and italian mafia who together robbed the funds from EU for slovakia.

the corruption is a real problem in slovakia, you know? the top politicians robert fico, robert kalinak and many others are connected to fraud, infidelity, lies and even if the specific cases are proven by media, the responsible state authorities like police & courts stop investigations or discharge the cheaters. no wonder the behave like gods if there are no consequences whatever they do ...
the recent murder was probably the last threshold which broke apart.
we were about 200 people in munich
jan + martina, R.I.P
munich for honest slovakia
in many cities in slovakia and abroad remembered the slovaks jan kucian + martina kusnirova and stand-up against corruption. source of the picture: the facebook protest event in munich
the most attendees came together in slovak capital bratislava with about 50,000 people and world wide maybe 120,000. this is a lot as slovakia is a quite small country with only 5 million inhabitants.
source of the picture: 
what the people want: to see the premier robert fico and other corrupt top politicians (mostly from the leading smer party) in jail, source:
after the event we went to the nearby orlando cellar (celebrity cook alfons schubeck's restaurant) and discussed politics + society topics with friends
(very few) more pictures here
addendum march 14th: it is so nice if an action leads to an intended change: on monday stepped back the slovak minister of interior kalinak and today even the head of government fico => sometimes works a protest of the masses so great :-)

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