Friday, March 23, 2018

enns = the eldest town in austria

at our way to slovakia we have visited the small city of enns, the probably eldest city in austria.

we just wanted to make break for dinner somewhere away from the highway, so we decided to explore something new for us today. as we already knew the advertisement beside the highway about enns' 60m high tower and about the long history of the city for quite some time, we were curious how does the eldest austrian city look like. well, it was not much different then many others small medieval cities in austria or bavaria. there were few historic elements and we have learned that enns got its town privileges in 1212. but its old age comes from a different era - from a former roman military camp called lauriacum and a city which got its city right in 212.
the 60m high city tower (stadtturm)
by accident was also our next destination trencin in slovakia a place with roman history, as there is a roman inscription from 179 AD on the rock below the trencin castle mentioned that place as laugaricio. well, lauriacum greets laugaricio, doesn't it? anyway, the rivers danube, enns and vah in trencin were probably parts of or close to the borders of the roman empire and places where the original celtic and germanic population fought against the romans ...
 zeit fürs leben? = time for life? fine, why not? :-)
lauriacum enns
 let's climb up all these (approx. 155) steps
more pictures here.
my last visit to slovakia in february here.

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