Saturday, March 24, 2018

trencin + spa trencianske teplice, SK

western slovakia: city of trencin + spa trencianske teplice were our destinations for a family celebration this time. well there was an 100 years birthday party of my twin cousins, so we enjoyed the possibility to hike in the nearby mountains, to see all the family at one place and to visit my ailing mother in bratislava on the way back home.
hiking to omsenska baba, a mountain 669m above sea ground
spa trencianske teplice
 hamam from 1888
birthday party

trencin is most famous for its castle, its roman inscription from 179 A.D: mentioned the place as laugaricio. you still remember our lauriacum experience in austria yesterday, don't you? anyway, laugaricio greets lauriacum and yes, they will keep the northern border of former roman empire safe, didn't they? not for too long as empires cannot last forever. the american empire will also break apart, if you asked me :-)
 trencin castle
more pictures here.
my last visit to slovakia in february here.

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