Sunday, March 24, 2019

jochberg, 1565m

the hiking season is opened, in about 2 hours of steep ascent we climbed up the jochberg mountain (1565 m) in bavarian alps. enjoy few pictures:
lake walchensee as seen from jochberg mountain
 a view to herzogstand + heimgarten
 lake kochelsee as seen from the jochberg mountain
 jochberg, 1565m
two of us
 lake walchensee
 jocheralm, 1400m
jochberg as seen from jocheralm
village urfeld at lake walchensee
village walchensee at lake walchensee
 even after such a snowy winter there is not enough water in the lake walchensee ... so sad... our climate is broken, isn't it?
when speaking about nature destruction, here is the reason why: economical growth is the reason ... and our stupidity to accept it  (source: facebook here)
5G (fifth generation). so sad, so true :-( (source: facebook here)
more pictures here
more bavarian lakes here
coverage of the young folks' FFF (FridayForFuture) movement here

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