Saturday, February 2, 2019

FFF & stand up for nature protection, peace and freedom

friends, let's stand up for nature protection, peace and freedom :-)

there was a demo against climate change at marienplatz + a petition for biodiversity (save the bees) in munich's town hall which my wife and me went to sign on saturday.
save the bees, plant more trees, clean the seas
and there were also sudanese and uyghur people demonstrating for peace and their human rights at odeonsplatz and max-joseph-platz respectively, too. my favorite posters? here we go:
there is no planet B
make earth great again
global warming max +1.5 degrees celsius => act now! ~ climate goals till 2038? are you serious?
system change, not climate change
the uyghur demonstration for freedom
freedom for the sudan
end the silence
late lunch with wife + youngest daughter in traditional pub and former artists' meet up 'alter simpl'
the former satire magazine simplicissimus
we do not only demonstrate for nature protection, we also enjoy to spend time in it. what a nice walk in the nearby forest in gräfelfing :-)
if you asked me, sadhguru's wisdom and his actions for environment (save our rivers) and improvement of human consciousness also helps to save the world. let's listen to him:
more pictures here
my old save-the-planet & save-the-world blog post HERE

addendum april 2014: last but not least, many young people protest in different european countries heavily since few weeks / months. they don't go to school on fridays and stand up for their future. this environment protection action was started in summer 2018 in sweden by the 16-years old Greta Thunberg as a save the climate protest after the so dry summer. greta wants to force sweden to halt the paris climate summit resolutions ...
over time developed greta's protest to the Fridays For Future (FFF) movement where many pupils in many many european countries don't go to school on fridays and stand up for a climate and nature in which they could survive ... just watch the embedded tweet from greenpeace

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