Saturday, March 23, 2019


about 40,000 mostly young people stand up for free internet alone in munich and 200,000 in germany. the petition against this planned 'reform' was signed by 5.1 million europeans. chakka, the youth fights for its freedom :-) ....
unfortunately, 3 days later (on 26.03.2019) approved the EU parliament this regulation. at least we see clearly that the politicians are against us people and 'work' just for lobbyists + huge corporations.
btw, the symbiosis of state and big corporations is called fascism, if you asked me ...

well, the EU speaks about copyright as motivation for this arrangements, but we all know it is about censorship, don't we? and it is against small media providers, too. how can they afford upload filters which could proof if some content is protected by any copyrights? thus it supports big media companies like axel springer, bertelsmann, murdoch & co. and of course supports only the system compatible political correct opinion of mainstream media ...

the article #13 (uploadfilter) and article #11 (the till know only in germany existing and highly controversial protection for media companies, so that even if you cite their content like teaser headlines you could face juridical consequences). find a blog post from my buddy bernd who is an author himself and analyzed the new regulations deeply HERE (in german language). of course i've asked bernd for permission / copy right to use his content :-)
starting point was the town hall at marienplatz
my favorite banner: EU, your politics needs censorship
 three of us. cheers :-)
 the march through the city
the closing rally with speeches and music was at odeonsplatz (münchen)
my reliable luck bringer :-)
we can't improve the world but ourselves ~ is mcdonald's right?
more pictures here
#savetheinternet #saveyourinternet

by the way, the new EU regulation is not the first attack on the free internet, there have been already DSGVO, ACTA, INDECT and many other trials to limit our freedom step by step :-(
=> let's awake + fight :o)


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