Friday, February 22, 2019

böhmerwald = bayerischer wald = sumava (AT, DE, CZ)

same procedure as every time when in neuhaus am inn: my wife visits her friends and i spend the time in the nature in the surrounding NP böhmerwald = bayerischer wald = sumava. my highlight this time were the swimming in half-frozen lake in neuhaus and skiing at geisskopf and in the hochficht ski area at the DE-AT -CZ border
neuhauser see is our favorite lake around neuhaus am inn
look at the ice breaker. where? right down :-)
neuhaus am inn (DE) + inn river + schärding (AT)
 st. florian, austria
 baumgartner brewery, schärding
 geisskopf (DE), 1097m
bischofsmais, the starting point for the geisskopf ski area
 zwieselberg, reischlberg, hochficht (AT)

reischlberg + hochficht

 can you see the alps on the horizon?
hochficht, peak station, 1338m. behind the pylon is the czech republic.
good-bye, schwarzenberg (AT)
indian dinner in haag in obb. (DE)

last but not least, sadhguru + 2 ghosts wanna share their charisma with us :-)

so true, dear sadhguru :-)
more pictures here
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