Thursday, August 8, 2019

mission beach & cardwell - queensland, australia

after the atherton tablelands was the mission beach our next destination. especially because we hoped to see a CASSOWARY in a free nature and yes, WE DID 😃.

joy at mission beach ~ QLD, australia

my dears, swimming in mission beach was allowed and there were no crocodile warning signs. but only 6 - 10 km to the south at the south mission beach were crocodile warning signs ?!?. how the hell do the crocodiles know they can not swim to the mission beach and eat tourists and/or local people? just to make sure, there is no island / reef or any other natural or artificial barrier in between 😱.

enjoy few beach & sun 💥 pictures:
source of the picture unknown, probably some postcard
mission beach + dunk island 
 best of all wives at mission beach
evening at mission beach

sunset at clump point:

cassowary walks together with us in free nature in djiru NP (licuala day use area @ wongaling beach)

walking to the bicton hill (Clump Mountain National Park):
view to dunk island + hinchinbrook island from the top of the bicton hill

south mission beach:
south mission beach and view to view to dunk island from different perspective

city of cardwell + hinchinbrook island:
UFOs and aliens in cardwell (event)
what a view point for the hinchinbrook island 😉
 hinchinbrook island
two of us
good-bye cardwell
btw, our next destination from here is the city of townsville and the magnetic island => see you there soon 😉

more pictures here.
the overview about all our stops in australia is here.

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